30 OCT - 19 NOV
Curator: Viktor Kudryashov, Anastasia Bergalevich

PSOF_deformation is a retrospective exhibition of the PSOF project (Mikhail Basovov + Yulia Pislyak). PSOF's works play with actionist expression within the social media space, where actionism takes on an ironic form of costumed reincarnation. Reincarnation, which examines the deformation of individuality within modern consumer culture.

PSOF criticizes the culture of consumption through a bold game with a brand and an object, rethinking the object's functions and allegorically redesignating its semantic field. An ornament of OBI logos forms a maple leaf, Pyaterochka bags become a suprematist costume. The brand for PSOF is a part of the visual landscape that a city dweller sees every day.

Who is an artist in the tik-tok era? PSOF intervenes in the space of social networks, using it as a part of the utterance, as well as a field for imitation and transmutation. Eventually, PSOF’s artworks lead us to the question of how social networks, being a product of the culture of consumerism, change the form of artistic expression, and how the speaker's identity is transformed according to these changes. Is there any freedom of expression when it is necessary to put it in a 15 second video clip?

PSOF’s artistic practice demonstrates the phenomenon of instant reaction and response of the viewer to modern events and posts on social networks. This forces us to ask ourselves: what's the difference between a review on Facebook and a viewer's reaction to a piece of art in exhibition space? Which viewer is more prepared for art: one who spends time in galleries or one who constantly scrolls on Instagram? How does the spectator’s reaction changes according to whether he sees the artwork in a gallery or on YouTube?

We will try to answer all these questions in the “24x4” gallery exhibition. PSOF’s artworks will be presented in a form of social networks.

First a supermarket is built,
then a city is built around it